Northern Regeneration CIC

‘Turning Opportunity into Reality’

Northern Regeneration CIC is the brainchild of our Managing Director, Graham Ratcliffe, who wanted to help support local people, communities and businesses capitalise on economic growth opportunities in the construction industry.

Our team have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, specialising in social value, corporate social responsibility, employment and skills.



To name a few of our team can work with businesses to:

– Develop training plans
– Develop, deliver, and monitor employment and skills plans
– Provide corporate social responsibility guidance
– Provide procurement support (social value and training responses)
– Provide apprenticeship support (planning, recruitment, day to day management)
– Provide employment support (open events, recruitment)
– Help with business engagement (Meet the Buyer Events, employment, and skills support)
– Plan and manage local educational/community activities (Workshops and Site Visits) 

 Construction Skills Village

This unique model has been established following extensive consultation with industry and education partners.

The Construction Skills Village is a training centre designed to capitalise on each partner’s skills, knowledge, and experience.

Skills Village  = Training (education) + Real Site (contractor)

Through the Construction Skills Village model, we help our partners:

  • Inform the design and delivery of demand led training with a view to addressing a skills gap
  • Bridge the gap between education and industry
  • Access a local talent pool and future talent through community/school engagement
  • Support social regeneration by providing “real life” training and work placement opportunities for local people
  • Improve economic wellbeing by identifying and supporting local individuals into employment through the supply chain

Skills Village

#skillsvillage visit www.skills-village.co.uk

Our Partners: